Children's Book Illustrator

Hi I'm Eunji. (you can pronounce my first name like Lindsay without the “L”)
I'm a children's book illustrator, currently living in Winnipeg, Canada.  Experienced as a graphic designer in the sports and fashion industry, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a children's book illustrator.  I transitioned into a full-time illustrator in 2018, specializing in children-related subject matters drawn in a contemporary and whimsical style by capturing innocent emotions and imaginary worlds lodged deep within one's childhood fantasies.
Day to day you can see me singing karaoke, dancing, laughing for 10 minutes straight about nothing, baking cookies and cheesecakes, and watching cooking shows. In a parallel universe, I'm the lead vocalist in a rock band. Cappuccino and chocolate cakes at the local coffee shop are my vice. And I work hard so my cat can have a better life. Feel free to ask me questions if you want to know more about me :)
Select Clients
Scholastic | McDonald's Korea | Cineplex Entertainment | Queen's University | Orca book publishers |
Cengage | Capstone | The good book company | Kum Sung Publishing | Hansol Education | 
Kum Sung Publishing | Sinsago | Dong-A Publishing | Mega study

2023 | In the moment | Seoul, Korea | Group
2022 | K-creators NFT Exhibition | Toulouse, France | Group
2022 | Global NFT Creators Exhibition | | Group
2019 | Women in Art Showcase | Steinbach Arts Council, Steinbach, Canada | Group
2018 | Small Art Exhibition | Ieum Library, Paju, Korea | Solo
2018  |  Revisiting  |  Pembina Hills Arts Council, Morden, Canada  |  Solo
2018 | 20th Annual Southeast Open Judged Art Exhibit | Steinbach Arts Council, Steinbach, Canada | Group
(Second place/Mixed media) 

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